The Courtroom Experience

The Courtroom Experience

The Courtroom Experience is an interactive, guided tour of the original country courts of Cornwall.  The experience is led by one of our knowledgeable Courtroom Ushers who will be your tour guide and will meet you in the foyer to take you through the experience.

The tour begins with a short talk giving you some information about the building and some background to the story of Matthew Weeks and Charlotte Dymond.

The Shire Hall was the County Assizes up until 1988.  Today, visitors can act as a member of the jury in the creation of a Victorian murder trial that actually took place in Shire Hall.

In 1844 on the wind-swept slopes of Rough Tor, Bodmin Moor, the body of a local girl Charlotte Dymond was found.  Her murder has intrigued ever since.

Visitors must watch the evidence before them and decide whether they believe Matthew Weeks, the accused, is guilty or not guilty?

Afterwards visitors are taken on a tour of the original holding cells where Matthew and others would have awaited their fate…transportation, hard labour or death by hanging!


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