Rocky Valley

Rocky Valley

Rocky valley is a place of outstanding natural beauty nestling between Tintagel and Boscastle on the north Cornwall coast.  A public footpath follows the Trevillett River as it meanders down the valley to the sea, passing through beautiful and dramatic scenery on its way.

From St Nectan’s Glen the river flows through beautiful woodland before plunging once more through a jumble of jagged rocks to the sea west of Trewethett Farm. This final section of the river’s descent is known as Rocky Valley. The power of the water made it a natural source of power for two mills. One of the mills, Trevillet, is now a private dwelling, but the other, 18th century Trethevy Mill, produced cloth and yarn until 1861 but now stands derelict.

Near the decaying mill buildings is an exposed rock face of dark shale, and onto the surface of the rock face have been carved a pair of mysterious labyrinth symbols, with concentric circular lines very much in the same style as the turf mazes that were popular in the medieval period. In the spring wild flowers are delightful, but all year round, the valley is full of life.  Birds abound and deer are frequently seen moving through the valley. Foxes, badgers, voles and many other small animals make the valley their home.


Rocky Valley




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