Porteath Bee Centre

Porteath Bee Centre

‘Bee’ fascinated by the wonderful world of bees!
You can observe bees going about their daily business in a safe sting free way!

In the Living Honey Bee Exhibition, the beehives are kept behind glass fronted display cabinets housed in the walls that lead out into the open air. It’s a great opportunity to get really close and observe the bees darting around specially provided post boxes and hollow logs totally uninhibited by your viewing pleasure. And best of all no risk of getting stung!

Educational talks can be provided by arrangement and lots of information is displayed on the walls, and an educational video is available to watch. Old and new beekeeping equipment is on display and you will get to learn all about the history of beekeeping.

Children especially enjoy learning about bees and the whole family can purchase our delicious Cornish honey made on the premises. Seeing first hand the bees, hives and honeycomb as well as how the honey is turned in to what you buy in the shops is a valuable educational tool for both young and old.


St Minver



PL27 6RA

Tel: 01208 221142

Email: info@porteath-beecentre.co.uk