The Lost Gardens of Heligan

The Lost Gardens of Heligan

Twenty-five years ago, Heligan’s historic gardens were unknown and unseen; lost under a tangle of weeds. It was only the chance discovery of a door in the ruins that led to the restoration of this once great estate. Today, The Lost Gardens have been put back where they belong: in pride of place among the finest gardens in Cornwall.

Tell the kids there about to go with you to tour some gardens, and there might be a protest. Tell them they are exploring the Lost Gardens of Heligan, and instantly they’ll be intrigued. Aside from a fascinating history: gardens created by generations of the Tremayne family in the 19th century but which, following the First World War, fell into neglect until ‘found’ and restored in the 1990s, this is a Cornish attraction with plenty to captivate all ages.

Explore the wild and wonderful land of Heligan, Britain’s real life “secret garden” that was lost amongst weeds, rediscovered in 1990 and restored to its Victorian glory.

Highlights of the gardens:

Giant statues – the iconic statues of Heligan which appear to arch out of the ground itself

100ft rope bridge – dare to cross the bridge, swaying above large-leafed ferns and tropical jungle plants

Europe’s only pineapple pit – see the pit used to grow pineapples for The Queen

The northern gardens – see the Flower Garden, Melon Yard and kitchen garden, where food for the on-site tearooms is grown

The wider estate – explore 200 acres of ancient pastures, woodland, ponds and lakes, the bluebells of the Lost Valley, and spot otters, kingfishers and Cornish cattle along the way


The Lost Gardens of Heligan




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