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The Flicka Foundation – Horse and Donkey Sanctuary

In its early days, they called the beginnings of our sanctuary ‘The Golden Oldies’. Flicka, a small strawberry roan pony, was rescued after being found in a field in the middle of an industrial estate; a small pony amongst high-rise buildings and billowing smoke. Flicka was delightful – he loved people, was very affectionate and adored lots of fuss despite his terrible start in life.

Sadly, he developed liver cancer after several years of teaching young children to ride;  he was retired to convalesce with a condition they knew would ultimately take his life. After six happy months, Flicka’s cancer sadly took him away. He was buried in a prime place in one of their paddocks and will never be forgotten. Flicka’s illness highlighted the problem faced by many horses and ponies that become unwell or too old to work, so the Flicka Foundation was born.  Flicka lives on through the work they do today.

​​​Since then they have had the privilege of many horses, ponies, sheep, pigs, cows, cats, dogs, rabbits, many small animals and donkeys coming for lots of different reasons. Each one has a story to tell. Some have suffered unthinkable cruelty or neglect, some have been abandoned or ailing in some way and requiring lots of TLC.


The Flicka Foundation

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