The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre

The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre

They are a family run Community Interest Company based in rural St Columb, Cornwall. The Cornish Birds of Prey Centre rehomes and rehabilitates injured and unwanted Birds of Prey/Raptors – providing them with a forever home. Enjoy getting up close and personal with our stunning collection of falcons, eagles, hawks, owls, parrots and much more. Meet and talk to our skilled handlers, whilst enjoying one of our breath taking flying displays, and discover what makes our birds of prey ‘masters of the sky’ – a great day out for all ages.

They are proud to say that the Cornish Birds of Prey is a real family affair! Owned and run by husband and wife Andy and Kelly Grigg, and supported by family members (parents), and the couple’s three daughters Brooke, Taylor and Sydney – the centre really has been a labour of hard work and love.

So how did Andy and Kelly come to own the centre? Well, Andy has been passionate about wildlife and birds from a very young age, owning his own bird when he was just twelve. From here it just kind of became a way of life! Andy spent many years working at various falconry centres up and down the country, and it was whilst working in North Devon that he met his now wife, Kelly.

Shortly after meeting Kelly Andy applied for, and secured a job in Lincoln. Within a few weeks the couple found themselves setting off for pastures new. Settled into life in Lincoln, Andy and Kelly built up quite a collection of birds….this is when they started considering a big life change. With family back in the West Country and designs to start their own business offering falconry experiences and flying displays at local fetes, agricultural shows etc. – the couple started planning a move back to the South West.

In was in November 2006 when Andy noticed that a falconry centre in Cornwall was up for sale. Taking a leap of faith, the couple decided to buy the centre! With the sale complete, the couple moved in on the 12th of January 2007 – along with Kelly’s parents Mick and Kath.

The centre was extremely run down and in need of lots of TLC, but this wasn’t going to deter the pair – with both of them working night shifts at a local supermarket to help bring money in, allowing them to make a start on the long list of things that needed doing at the centre. For a time Andy and Kelly spent their days working on the centre, and their nights stacking shelves. On the 1st of April 2007 Andy and Kelly opened the doors of the Cornish Birds of Prey to the public, and come rain or shine, they have remained open ever since.


Cornish Birds of Prey Centre CIC

Winnards Perch

St Columb



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